Want to Write About the Holocaust? Start Here.

Writing with a pencil in a leather-bound notebook with crumpled drafts on a wooden table.

You’re in good company.

What’s motivating YOU?

  • Is your book project based on family history, or inspired by someone you know?
  • Do you feel a responsibility or a call-to-action to tell the story you’re writing? If so, why?
  • How does a book about the Holocaust fit into your writing career and/or aspirations?
  • Are you looking to build or expand your author platform? How does writing about the Holocaust help you in that regard?
  • Are you interested in writing about the Holocaust as a creative exercise?
  • Does this subject present an opportunity to reach or connect with readers who share a common interest?
  • Are you inspired by a particular book or movie about the Holocaust? What ideas, themes, or characters from that work are you interested in continuing in this project?
  • Do you see this writing project as a work of activism or an act of resistance?
  • Are you writing to memorialize a person, community, or event — or to immortalize them?
  • Is there an aspect of the Holocaust that you feel deserves more attention than it’s heretofore received?
  • Are you presenting a narrative or perspective that offers something new? What makes that novelty worthwhile?



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So you want to write about the Holocaust…